Let’s think… how to start off without sounding stupid…

Well, here we are… one of the many exciting things about the internet that I have not yet discovered: “blogging”. Ok I have a Tumblr, but it’s just not the same is it? Much unlike my book loving, history fanatic and all around word geek Mum (which is far from a bad thing I might add) I am completely OK with the whole ‘sharing things on the internet’ thing. But blogging is a whole different ball game. It’s very formal, or, it feels very formal. But I’m choosing not to use it in that way. I needed to do this for two reasons: one of my favourite people started doing it and, to have something that I’m not always trying to ‘get popular’ on. I love the idea of internet fame -or just fame in general. But here, I’m going to finally be myself for once.

So, first things first “why the weird title?” I hear you cry! Well, my fellow man, this is because “No, just Elisabeth, thanks” seems to be the first thing that I say to everyone I meet. I have had a nickname for my whole life and just about a year ago I decided to scrap it in favour of my actual name (not a decision that was supported by many). And because Elisabeth is apparently too much of a mouthful for our lazy generation I always get asked the same- very annoying- question:

“Is it Beth, Lizzie or…?”

Or what’s even worse is that when I say “No, just Elisabeth, thanks” for the 1000th time, I then get asked:

“But can I call you Lissy? Or Lisa? How about Ellie? Don’t you like Liz?”

I think this is very unfair, as I always respect someone’s name. If they want to change their name, or have a nickname, ect. I use their preferred one. Because their name is who they are, or they want to be. Just as my name is who I am. I am not Beth, or Liz, or Libby. I am Elisabeth. An 18 year old Mormon with a side order of unicorns and rainbows.



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